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Minimize the use of sketches in the specifications. When it is necessary to include sketches, the
A-E shall provide the sketches on sheets of paper that have the same dimensions as the written
specifications and shall include the sketch at the end of the appropriate section. The A-E shall
identify and page number each sketch page in the manner that other specification pages are
identified and numbered.
When using specification references (as usually found in "1.1
PUBLICATIONS), the A-E shall use the following order of priority, as established by the FAR:
a. Commercial standards and specifications satisfactory to the functional Government
b. Federal specifications (exclusive of military) when the functional Government
requirement cannot be satisfied with commercial standards and specifications.
c. Military specifications, when the functional Government requirement cannot be
satisfied with commercial or Federal specifications.
d. Brand name or equal.
e. Proprietary specifications.
Certain references are the bases for project specifications, while others are used only to prepare
manuscripts or reports. Specific applications are indicated in the paragraphs below. When
specification references are used, the following rules apply:
a. List only those references which are indicated in the technical paragraphs of the
specifications; do not include references not cited. List the letter or date, as
appropriate, of the current edition of the reference cited. The A-E shall not use
language such as, "the issue in effect on the date of the solicitation."
b. When a reference is cited in other than the `APPLICABLE PUBLICATIONS"
paragraph, the A-E shall identify the applicable portions of the reference so that the
intent of the cited reference will be clearly understood.
c. The A-E shall avoid citing specific reference paragraphs in the specifications, because
doing so will limit the application of the reference to the paragraphs cited.
d. The A-E shall avoid citing the same reference within the same specification section.


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