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e. When only a few of the requirements of a reference are applicable, the A-E shall
state the applicable requirements in the specifications and omit the reference.
Specifications must be clear, correct, complete and concise. The A-E shall adhere to the style
identified in the CSI Manual of Practice on specification language. The following are examples
of preferred and not preferred language.
8.11.1 Description of Work.
The work includes . . .
Do not use: The work consists of. . .
8.11.2 Imperative Mood. Where possible, use the imperative mood as opposed to the
indicative mood, passive voice.
Preferred: Cut piping and tubing to required measurements.
Not Preferred: Piping and tubing shall be cut to the required measurements.
8.11.3 Articles. Omit words such as, "the", "a", "an".
8.11.4 Grammar. Subject and verb must agree in tense and number.
Correct: Bolt one elongated central fastener to panel.
Incorrect: One of the elongated central fasteners are to be placed around the eye of the
panel and bolted. (One . . . is . . , would be correct.)
8.11.5 Strong Verbs. Use strong verbs as opposed to weak nouns.
Preferred: Determine pump replacement costs.
Not Preferred: Provide determination of pump replacement costs.
8.11.6 Parallel Sentence Structure. Correct grammar requires that the nouns in a compound
subject, the verbs in a compound verb, the adverbs in a compound adverbial phrase, etc., be the
same in number and tense.
Correct: Perform tests to determine strength and establish quantity.
Incorrect: Perform tests to determine strength and establishing quantity.
Correct: Heating, ventilating and air conditioning . . .
Incorrect: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning . . .


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