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8.11.7 Prepositional Phrases. Sentences can be shortened by using modifiers as opposed to
prepositional phrases.
Preferred: Platform top . . .
Not Preferred: Top of the platform . . .
8.11.8 Listing. List multiple requirements rather than including the multiple requirements in
a long sentence that requires extensive punctuation. Use the following format:
a. Identify first requirement;
b. Identify second requirement;
(1) Identify second requirement, first subrequirement;
(2) Identify second requirement, second subrequirement;
Continue the format shown, as required to list all requirements, subrequirement,
subsubrequirements, etc.
y. Identify second to the last requirement; and
z. Identify last requirement.
When the requirements, subrequirements, etc., are complete sentences, replace each ";" with
a "." and in the second to the last requirement delete the word, "and."
8.11.9 Pronouns. Do not use pronouns. To avoid possible misinterpretation, repeat the noun.
8.12.1 Division 1 General Requirements. Specify only Contractor requirements. Technical
sections shall not be used to instruct the Contracting Officer or to emphasize Division 1
requirements, which includes all of the contract clauses. Repetition of Division 1 requirements,
including the contract clauses, in the technical sections may adversely affect the provisions of
those requirements by inserting illegal requirements, omitting limiting conditions and establishing
a precedent for overemphasizing requirement conditions.
Do not use phrases such as the following.
a. At no additional expense to the Government.
b. At the Contractor's expense.
c. Tests and inspections shall be conducted in the presence of the Contracting Officer.
d. The Contracting Officer reserves the right.


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