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The A-E shall submit the required number of cost estimates together with other submittal
requirements, as indicated in the "Scope." The A-E shall bind the cost estimate separately from
the other submittal documents and shall place the estimate in a sealed envelope.
9.4.1 Preliminary (35%) Submittal. The 35% estimate shall be based on a reasonably
complete material take-off. For project elements which are not sufficiently designed, the A-E
may utilize general unit costs such as the cost per square meter for building foundations, the cost
per square meter of pavement, the average cost per electrical lighting fixture, mechanical
plumbing fixture, etc.
9.4.2 Pre-Final (100%) Submittal. The 100% estimate shall be based on: 1) accurate and
detailed quantities reflected on the drawings, 2) the quality of materials and installation indicated
by the specifications and 3) current unit prices.  The A-E shall prepare a brief narrative
description of how the cost estimate was developed and the source of the pricing data used in
the estimate. The A-E shall also identify:
a. all items of work that have a significant impact on overall project cost;
b. all the assumptions on which the cost estimate was based (e.g., high prices due to
limited material availability, local economic conditions, size and complexity of the
project, labor availability, etc.); and
c. any other factor which provides insight to understanding the submitted cost estimate.
9.4.3 Final Submittal. The estimate is an updated Pre-Final Submittal Cost Estimate that
incorporates all Pre-Final comments and minor revisions and adjustments. These revisions and
adjustments are incorporated to reflect the expected market conditions at the time of bid
Amendments are issued to cover changes to contract documents after the project has been
advertised but before bids are opened. When an amendment has an impact on project cost, the
A-E shall prepare and submit, prior to bid opening, a revised estimate together with the other
amendment documents. The Revised Cost Estimate requires the same format and level of detail
as the Final Cost Estimate. When an amendment has little or no impact on project cost, the A-E
shall indicate this in the transmittal letter to the PDE.
After award of a construction contract, a contract modification estimate is required before the
Government negotiates the cost of the modification with the Contractor. To facilitate the
negotiations, the A-E shall prepare the modification estimate in the additive/deductive format
(using NAVFAC Form 4330/43) which is also followed by the Contractor.


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