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In the modification estimate, the A-E shall:
a. contact the ROICC to determine the work which has already been completed and to
determine all future work which will be affected by the modification;
b. determine the additive/deductive items of work and the associated cost to the Prime
Contractor and all Sub-contractors to be involved in the modification, giving adequate
consideration  to existing  site  conditions and  t h e a v a i l a b i l i t y o f
Contractor/Subcontractor labor and equipment;
c. provide details of the modification estimate on NAVFAC Form 11013/7 and transfer
the summary subtotals for each item of work to NAVFAC Form 4330/43; and
d. use 10% for Field & Office Overhead; use 6% for profit.
NCF projects are constructed by U.S. Navy "Seabee" personnel. The A-E shall prepare two
(2) estimates. The first shall be the standard or usual estimate prepared. The second shall be
an estimate that identifies the project material costs and the cost of technical-labor which will be
needed to assist "Seabee" personnel in accomplishing the required work. The PDE will identify
the materials which will be locally purchased and the materials which will be U.S. purchased;
the PDE will also identify the type of technical labor which will be needed to assist Seabee
The A-E shall submit an IBOP analysis for all projects designed for OICC FE. Refer to
Appendix R, for detailed instructions regarding the preparation of IBOP analyses.


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