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lawyer is not providing professional legal services.  Similarly,
Communications with the intent to influence made by an engineer providing
an engineering analysis prior to the preparation or submission of bid or
proposal are not allowable under this section since the engineer is
providing technical services but not directly in the preparation,
submission or negotiation of a covered Federal action.
(C) Requirements imposed by or pursuant to law as a
condition for receiving a covered Federal award include those required by
law or regulation and any other requirements in the actual award documents.
(D) Only those services expressly authorized by
subdivisions (b) (3) (ii)(A)(l)and (2) of this clause are permitted under
this clause.
(E) The reporting requirements of FAR 3.803(a) shall
not apply with respect to payments of reasonable compensation made to
regularly employed officers or employees of a person.
(c) Disclosure.
(1) The Contractor who requests or receives from an agency a
Federal contract shall file with that agency a disclosure form, OMB
standard form LLL, Disclosure of Lobbying Activities, if such person has
made or has agreed to make any payment using nonappropriated funds (to
include profits from any covered Federal action), which would be prohibited
under subparagraph (b)(l) of this clause, if paid for with appropriated
(2) The Contractor shall file a disclosure form at the end of
each calendar quarter in which there occurs any event that materially
affects the accuracy of the information contained in any disclosure form
previously filed by such person under subparagraph (c)(1) of this clause.
An event that materially affects the accuracy of the information reported
includes --
(i) A cumulative increase of $25,000 or more in the amount
paid or expected to be paid for influencing or attempting to influence a
covered Federal action; or
(ii)  A change in the person(s) or individual(s) influencing
or attempting to influence a covered Federal action; or
(iii)  A change in the officer(s), employee(s), or Member(s)
contacted to influence or attempt to influence a covered Federal action.
(3) The Contractor shall require the submittal of a
certification, and if required, a disclosure form by any person who
requests or receives any subcontract exceeding $100,000 under the Federal
(4) All subcontractor disclosure forms (but not certifications)
shall be forwarded from tier to tier until received by the prime
Contractor.  The prime Contractor shall submit all disclosures to the


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