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Contracting Officer at the end of the calendar quarter in which the
disclosure form is submitted by the subcontractor. Each subcontractor
certification shall be retained in the subcontract file of the awarding
(d) Agreement.  The Contractor agrees not to make any Payment
prohibited by this clause.
(1)  Any person who makes an expenditure prohibited under
paragraph (a) of this clause or who fails to file or amend the disclosure
form to be filed or amended by paragraph (b) of this clause shall be.
subject to civil penalties as provided for by 31 U.S.C. 1352.
imposition of a civil penalty does not prevent the Government from seeking
any other remedy that may be applicable.
(2)  Contractors may rely without liability on the representation
made by their subcontractors in the certification and disclosure form.
(f)  Cost allowability.  Nothing in this clause makes allowable or
reasonable any costs which would otherwise be unallowable or unreasonable.
Conversely, costs made specifically unallowable by the requirements in this
clause will not be made allowable under any other provision.
(SEP 1990)
(a)  Definitions.  The definitions in FAR 3.104-4 are hereby
incorporated in this clause.
(b) The Contractor shall establish a procurement ethics training
program for its employees serving as procurement officials.  The program
shall, as a minimum--
(1)  Provide for the distribution of written explanations of the
provisions of section 27 of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act,
as amended (41 U.S.C. 423), as implemented in the FAR to such employees;
(2) Require each such employee, as condition of serving as :a
procurement official, to certify to the Contracting Officer that he or she
is familiar with the provisions of the Act, as implemented in the FAR, and
will not engage in any conduct prohibited by subsections 27(a), (b), (d),
or (f) of the Act, as implemented in the FAR, and will report immediately
to the Contracting Officer any information concerning a violation or
possible violation of the prohibitions.
(c) Pursuant to FAR 3.104-9(d), a Contractor employee who is serving
as a procurement official may be requested to execute additional
If a Contractor employee serving as a procurement official ceases


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