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at FAR 13.000, to disclose to the Contractor, in writing, whether as of the
time of award of the subcontract, the subcontractor, or its principals, is
or is not debarred, suspended, or proposed for debarment by the Federal
(c) A corporate officer or a designee of the Contractor shall notify
the Contracting Officer in writing, before entering into a subcontract with
a party that is debarred, suspended, or proposed for debarment (see FAR
9.404 for information on the List of Parties Excluded from Procurement
Programs).  The notice must include the following:
(1) The name of the subcontractor.
(2) The Contractor's knowledge of the reasons for the
subcontractor being on the List of Parties Excluded from Procurement
(3)  The compelling reason(s) for doing business with the
subcontractor notwithstanding its inclusion on the List of Parties Excluded
From Procurement Programs.
(4) The systems and procedures the Contractor has established to
ensure that it is fully protecting the Government's interests when dealing
with such subcontractor in view of the specific basis for the party's
debarment, suspension, or proposed debarment.
FAR 52.212.-12, SUSPENSION OF WORK (APR 1984)
(a) The Contracting Officer may order the Contractor, in writing, to
suspend, delay, or interrupt all or any part of the work of this contract
for the period of time that the Contracting Officer determines appropriate
for the convenience of the Government,
(b)  If the performance of all or any part of the work is, for an
unreasonable period of time, suspended, delayed, or interrupted (1) by an
act of the Contracting Officer in the administration of this contract, or
(2) by the Contracting Officer's failure to act within the time specified
in this contract (or within a reasonable time if not specified), an
adjustment shall be made for any increase in the cost of performance of
this contract (excluding profit) necessarily caused by the unreasonable
suspension, delay, or interruption, and the contract modified in writing
accordingly.  However, no adjustment shall be made under this clause for
any suspension, delay, or interruption to the extent that performance would
have been so suspended, delayed, or interrupted by any other cause,
including the fault or negligence of the Contractor, or for which an
equitable adjustment is provided for or excluded under any other term or
condition of this contract.
(c) A claim under this clause shall not be allowed (1) for any costs
incurred more than 20 days before the Contractor shall have notified the
Contracting Officer in writing of the act or failure to act involved (but
this requirement shall not apply as to a claim resulting from a suspension
order), and (2) unless the claim, in an amount stated, is asserted in
writing as soon as practicable after the termination of the suspension,


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