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(1) any supplies or services originating from sources within the
communist areas of North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, or Cuba;
(2) Any supplies that are or were located in or transported from
or through North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, or Cuba; or
(3) Arms, ammunition, or military vehicles produced in South
Africa, or manufacturing data for such articles.
(b) The Contractor shall not acquire for use in the performance of
this contract supplies or services originating form sources within Iraq,
any supplies that are or were located in or transported from or through
Iraq, or any supplies or services from entities controlled by the
Government of Iraq.
(c) The Contractor agrees to insert the provisions of this clause,
including this paragraph (c), in all subcontracts hereunder.
In the event of inconsistency between any terms of this contract and
any translation thereof into another language, the English language meaning
shall control.
(a)  The Government authorizes and consents to all use and manufacture,
in performing this contract or any subcontract at any tier, of any
invention described in and covered by a United States patent (1) embodied
in the structure or composition of any article the delivery of which is
accepted by the Government under this contract or (2) used in machinery,
tools, or methods whose use necessarily results from compliance by the
Contractor or a subcontractor with (i) specifications or written provisions
forming a part of this contract or (ii) specific written instructions given
by the Contracting Officer directing the manner of performance.  The entire
liability to the Government for infringement of a patent of the United
States shall be determined solely by the provisions of the indemnity
clause, if any, included in this contract or any subcontract hereunder
(including any lower-tier subcontract), and the Government assumes
liability for all other infringement to the extent of the authorization and
consent hereinabove granted.
(b) The Contractor agrees to include, and require inclusion of, this
clause, suitability modified to identify the parties, in all subcontracts
at any tier for supplies or services (including construction,
architect-engineer services, and materials, supplies, models, samples, and
design or testing services expected to exceed $25,000); however, omission
of this clause from any subcontract, under or over $25,000 does not affect
this authorization and consent.


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