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(B) The 30th day after Government acceptance of the
work or services completed by the Contractor.  On a final invoice where the
payment amount is subject to contract settlement actions (e.g., release of
claims), acceptance shall be deemed to have occurred on the effective date
of the contract settlement.
(ii) The due date for progress payments shall be the 30th
day after Government approval of Contractor estimates of work or services
(iii) However, if the designated billing office fails to
annotate the invoice or payment request with the actual date of receipt,
the payment due date shall be deemed to be the 30th day after the date the
Contractor's invoice or payment request is dated, provided a proper invoice
or payment request is received and there is no disagreement over quantity,
quality, or Contractor compliance with contract requirements.
(3) An invoice is the Contractor's bill or written request for
payment under the contract for work or services performed under the
contract.  An invoice shall be prepared and submitted to the designated
billing office.  A proper invoice must include the items listed in
subdivisions (a) (3) (i) through (a)(3) (viii) of this clause.  If the invoice
does not comply with these requirements, then the Contractor will be
notified of the defect within 7 days after receipt of the invoice at the
designated billing office.  Untimely notification will be taken into
account in the computation of any interest penalty owed the Contractor in
the manner described in subparagraph (a)(5) of this clause:
(i) Name and address of the Contractor.
Invoice date.
(iii)  Contract number or other authorization for work or
services performed (including order number and contract line item number).
(iv) Description of work or services performed.
(v) Delivery and payment terms (e.g., prompt payment
discount terms).
(vi) Name and address of Contractor official to whom payment
is to be sent (must be the same as that in the contract or in a proper
notice-of assignment).
(vii) Name (where practicable), title, phone number, and
mailing address of person to be notified in event of a defective invoice.
(viii) Any other information or documentation required by
the contract.
(4) An interest penalty shall be paid automatically by the
designated payment office, without request from the Contractor, if payment
is not made by the due date and the conditions listed in subdivisions
(a) (4) (i) through (a) (4) (iii) of this clause are met, if applicable.


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