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(i) If the Contractor is an individual, the certification
shall be executed by that individual.
(ii)  If the Contractor is not an individual, the
certification shall be executed by--
(A) A senior company official in charge at the
Contractor's plant or location involved; or
(B) An officer or general partner of the Contractor
having overall responsibility for the conduct of the Contractor's affairs.
(e) For Contractor claims of $50,000 or less, the Contracting Officer
must, if requested in writing by the Contractor, render a decision within
60 days of the request.  For Contractor-certified claims over $50,000, the
Contracting Officer must, within 60 days, decide the claim or notify the
Contractor of the date by which the decision will be made.
(f) The Contracting Officer's decision shall be final unless the
Contractor appeals or files a suit as provided in the Act.
(g) At the time a claim by the Contractor is submitted to the
Contracting Officer or a claim by the Government is presented to the
Contractor, the parties, by mutual consent, may agree to use alternative
means of dispute e resolution procedures, any claim, regardless of amount,
shall be accompanied by the certification described in paragraph (d) (3) of
this  clause.
( h )  The Government shall pay interest on the amount found due and
unpaid from (1) the date the Contracting Officer receives the claim
(properly certified if required), or (2) the date payment otherwise would
be due, if that date is later, until the date of payment.  Simple interest
on claims shall be paid at the rate, fixed by the Secretary of the Treasury
as provided in the Act, which is applicable to the period during which--the
Contracting Officer receives the claim and then at the rate applicable for
each 6-month period as fixed by the Treasury Secretary during the pendency
of the claim.
(i) The Contractor shall proceed diligently with performance of this
contract, pending final resolution of any request for relief, claim,
appeal, or action arising under or relating to the contract, and comply
with any decision of the Contracting Officer.
44. FAR 52.233-3,
(a) Upon receipt of a notice of protest (as defined in 33.101 of the
FAR) the Contracting Officer may, by written order to the Contractor,
direct the Contractor to stop performance of the work called for by this
contract.  The order shall be specifically identified as a stop-work order
issued under this clause.  Upon receipt of the order; the Contractor shall
immediately comply with its terms and take all reasonable steps to minimize
the incurrence of costs allocable to the work covered by the order during
the period of work stop-page. Upon receipt of the final decision in the


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