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(c) The Contractor agrees, in performing work under this contract, to
use U.S .-flag air carriers for international air transportation of
personnel (and their personal effects) or property to the extent that
service by those carriers is available.
(d)  In the event that the Contractor selects a carrier other than a
U.S.-flag air carrier for international air transportation, the Contractor
shall include a certification on vouchers involving such transportation
essentially as follows:
I hereby certify that international air transportation of persons (and
their personal effects) or property by U.S. -flag air carrier was not
available or it was necessary to use foreign-flag air carrier service for
the following reasons (see section 47.403 of the Federal Acquisition
Regulation):  [State reasons]: . . . . . . . . .
(End of certification)
(e)  The Contractor shall include the substance of this clause,
including this paragraph (e), in each subcontract or purchase under this
contract that may involve international air transportation.
(a) General.  The Contractor shall (1) perform value engineering (VE)
services and submit progress reports as specified in the Schedule; and (2)
submit to the Contracting Officer any resulting value engineering proposal
(VEP'S).  Value engineering activities shall be performed concurrently with
and without delay to the schedule set for the in the contract.  The
services shall include VE evaluation and review and study of design
documents immediately following completion of the 35 percent design state
or at such stages as the Contracting Officer may direct.  Each separately
priced line item for VE services shall define specifically the scope of
work to be accomplished and may include VE studies of items other than
design documents.  The Contractor shall be paid as the contract specifies
for this effort but shall not share in savings which may result from
acceptance and use of VEP's by the Government.
(b) Definitions. "Life cycle cost," as used in this clause, is the
sum of all costs over the useful life of a building, system or product.  It
includes the cost of design, construction, acquisition, operation,
maintenance, and salvage (resale) value, if any.
"Value engineering," as used in this clause, means an organized effort
to analyze the functions of systems, equipment, facilities, services, and
supplies for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest
life cycle cost consistent with required performance, reliability, quality,
and safety.
"Value engineering proposal," as used in this clause, means, in


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