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connection with an A-E contract, a change proposal developed by employees
of the Federal Government or contractor value engineering personnel under
contract to an agency to provide value engineering services for the
contract or program.
(c)  Submissions. After award of an architect-engineering contract the
contractor shall--
(1)  Provide the Government with a fee breakdown schedule for the
VE services (such as criteria review, task team review, and bid package
review) included in the contract schedule;
(2) Submit, for approval by the Contracting Officer, a list of
team members and their respective resumes representing the engineering
disciplines required to complete the study effort, and evidence of the team
leader's qualifications and engineering discipline.  Subsequent changes or
substitutions to the approved Ve term shall be submitted in writing to the
Contracting Officer for approval; and
(3) The team leader shall be responsible for prestudy work
assembly and shall edit, reproduce, and sign the final report and each VEP.
All VEP's, even if submitted earlier as an individual submission, shall be
contained n the final report.
(d) VEP preparation.  As a minimum, the contractor shall include the
following information in each VEP:
(1)  A description of -the difference between the existing and
proposed design, the comparative advantages and disadvantages of each, a
justification when an item's function is being altered, the effect of the
change on system or facility performance, and any pertinent objective test
(2) A list and analysis of design criteria or specifications that
must be changed if the VEP is accepted.
(3) A separate detailed estimate of the impact on project cost of
each VEP, if accepted and implementedby the Government.
(4) A description and estimate of costs the Government may incur
in implementing the VEP, such as design change cost and test and evaluation
(5) A prediction of any effects the proposed change may have on
life cycle cost.
(6) The effect the VEP will have on design or construction
(e) VEP acceptance.  Approved VEP's shall be implemented by bilateral
modification to this contract.


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