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provide, for the two year period, any compensation to the former DoD
(3) DoD employees may request from their Designated Agency Ethics
Official (DAEO) a written opinion on the applicability of 10 U.S.C. 2397b
prior to the acceptance of compensation.  If the opinion of the DAEO is
that the law is not applicable, and that the individual may accept
compensation from the Contractor, there shall be a conclusive presumption
that the offering and the acceptance of such compensation is not a
violation of the statute.
(c) Report concerning former DoD employees.
(1) The Contractor shall submit a separate written report, as
described in paragraph (c)(2) of this clause, for each calendar year
covered by this contract (extending through final payment) if the calendar
year commenced after the end of a Government fiscal year in which the
Contractor was awarded one or more DoD contracts aggregating $10 million or
more.  In multidivisional corporations, the corporate headquarters, and
each segment which contracts directly with the Government shall report
separately.  Each report shall list those persons employed or otherwise
compensated, who are former DoD employees who left service on or after
April 16, 1987, if--
(i) They were compensated by the Contractor during the
reporting period; and
(ii) The compensation was provided within two years after
the person left service in the DoD.
(2) The report shall contain:
(i)  Each person's name and the agency in which the person
was employed or served on active duty during the last two years of service
with DoD;
(ii)  Each person's job title(s) during e last two years of
service with DoD, and a list of major defense systems on which each person
performed any work;
(iii)  A complete description (exclusive of proprietary
information) of any work that each person is performing, or did perform, on
behalf of the Contractor during the calendar year covered by the report.
If the work is classified, the Contractor may use a generalized description
which will not compromise its classified nature;
(iv)  An identification of each major defense system on which
each individual has performed any work on behalf of the Contractor.
(3) Submit each report  not later than April 1 of the year
following the end of the calendar year for which the report is being made.
Send reports to the Office of the Assistant General Counsel (Legal
Counsel), Standards of Conduct Office, ATTN: OAGC/LC, Pentagon,
Washington, DC 20301-1600.


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