Quantcast Prohibition Against Retaliatory Personnel Actions

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prohibitions in paragraph (b) of this clause to the Contracting Officer.
Requests shall clearly identify--
(1) The person involved;
(2) The nature of the conviction and resultant sentence or
punishment imposed;
(3) The reasons for the requested waiver; and,
(4) An explanation of why a waiver is in the interest of national
(g)  The Contractor agrees to include the substance of this clause,
appropriately modified to reflect the identity and relationship of the
parties, in all first-tier subcontracts exceeding $25,000.
(h) Pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 2408(c), defense contractors and
subcontractors may obtain information as to whether a particular person has
been convicted of fraud or any other felony arising out of a contract with
the DoD by contacting the The Officer of Justice Programs, The Denial of
Benefits Office, U.S. Department of Justice, telephone (202) 307-1065.
(APR 1992)
(a) Definitions.
As used in this clause--
"Appropriate Government official" means
(i) An officer or employee of the Department of Defense
responsible for command, direct staff assistance to a commander, contract
administration, program management, audit, inspection, investigation, or
enforcement of any law or regulation relating to Government procurement or
the subject matter of the contract;
(ii)  a Member of congress or an officer or employee of
Congress, the General Accounting Office, the Congressional Budget Office,
or the Office of Technology Assessment; and
(iii)  Any other officer or employee of the United States
whose duties include the investigation or enforcement of any law, rule, or
regulation relating to Government procurement or the subject matter of the
(2)  "Information concerning a contract" means information about
cost, price, compliance with specifications, meeting the user's
requirements, user safety, use or disposition of services, real property or
personal property acquired under the contract, the procurement process
(including competition, negotiation, award, and administration), and
relationships with Government personnel, competitors, or subcontractors.
(b) Prohibition.


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