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In accordance with 10 U.S.C. 2409a, the Contractor shall not discharge
or otherwise discriminate against any employee with respect to the
employee's compensation or terms and conditions of employment because the
employee (or any person acting pursuant to a request of the
employee) discloses to an appropriate Government official information
concerning a defense contract, which information the employee reasonably
believes evidences a violation of any Federal law or regulation relating to
defense procurement or the subject matter of this contract.
(c) the Government will notify the Contractor upon receipt of any
complaint filed under the provisions of this clause and Subpart 203.71 of
the Defense FAR Supplement.  the Contractor agrees to cooperate with thee
Government during its investigation of any such complaint.
(d) The Contractor shall inform all employees of--
(1) The prohibitions of this clause;
(2) Employees' rights under 10 U.S.C. 2409a; and
availability of procedures implementing the statute.
(a) The Contractor shall not release to anyone outside the
Contractor's organization any unclassified information, regardless of
medium (e.g., film, tape, document), pertaining to any part of this
contract or any program related to this contract, unless--
(1) the Contracting Officer has given prior written approval; or
(2) the information is otherwise in the public domain before the
date of release.
(b) Requests for approval shall identify the specific information to
be released, the medium to be used, -and the purpose for the release.  The
Contractor shall submit its request to the Contracting Officer at least 45
days before the proposed date for release.
(c) The Contractor agrees to include a similar requirement in each
subcontract under this contract.  subcontractors shall submit requests for
authorization to release through the prime contractor to the contracting
(APR 1992)
The Contractor's procedures for protecting against unauthorized disclosure
of information shall not require Department of Defense employees or members
of the Armed forces to relinquish control of their work products, whether
classified or not, to the Contractor.


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