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DFAR 252.223-7004, DRUG-FREE WORK FORCE (SEP 1988)
(1)  "Employee in a sensitive position," as used in this clause,
means an employee who has been granted access to classified information; or
employees in other positions that the Contractor determines involve
national security, health or safety, or functions other than the foregoing
requiring a high degree of trust and confidence.
(2)  "Illegal drugs," as used in this clause, means controlled
substances included in Schedules I and II, as defined by section 802(6) of
Title 21 of the United States Code, the possession of which is unlawful
under Chapter 13 of that Title.  The term "illegal drugs' does not mean the
use of a controlled substance pursuant to a valid prescription or other
uses authorized by law.
(b)  the Contractor agrees to institute and maintain a program for
achieving the objective of a drug-free work force.  While this clause
defines criteria for such a program, contractors are encouraged to
implement alternative approaches comparable to the criteria in paragraph
(c) that are designed to achieve the objectives of this clause.
(c) Contractor programs shall include the following, or appropriate
(1) Employee assistance programs emphasizing high level
direction, education, counseling, rehabilitation, and coordination with
available community resources;
(2) Supervisory training to assist in identifying and addressing
illegal drug use by Contractor employees;
(3) Provision for self-referrals as well as supervisory referrals
to treatment with maximum respect for individual confidentiality consistent
with safety and security issues;
(4) Provision for identifying illegal drug users, including
testing on a controlled and carefully monitored basis.  Employee drug
testing programs shall be established taking account of the followings:
(i) The Contractor shall establish a program that provides
for testing for the use of illegal drugs by employees in sensitive
positions.  The extent of and criteria for such testing shall be determined
by the Contractor based on considerations that include the nature of the
work being performed under the contract, the employee's duties, the
efficient use of Contractor resources, and the risks to health, safety, or
national security that could result from the failure of an employee
adequately to discharge his or her position.
(ii)  In addition, the Contractor may establish a program for
employee drug testing--
(A) When there is a reasonable suspicion that an


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