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3.  this proposal does not include any costs which are unallowable
under applicable cost principles of the Department of Defense,
such as (without limitation):  advertising and public relations
costs, contributions and donations, entertainment cost, fines and
penalties, lobbying costs, defense of fraud proceedings, and
goodwill; and
4.  All costs included in this proposal are properly allocable to
Defense contracts on the basis of a beneficial or causal
relationship between the expenses incurred and the contracts to
which they are allocated in accordance with applicable acquisition
I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and
Name of Corporation Official:
Date of Execution:
(a) The Contracting Officer may ask the Contractor to prepare
engineering change proposals for engineering changes within the scope of
this contract.  Upon receipt of a written request from the Contracting
Officer, the Contractor shall prepare and submit an engineering change
l r in effect on
proposal in accordance with the instructions of
the date of contract award.
(b) The Contractor may initiate engineering change proposals.
Contractor initiated engineering change proposals shall include a "not to
exceed" price** or a "not less than" price ** and delivery adjustment. If
the Contracting Officer orders the engineering change, the increase shall
not exceed nor the decrease be less than the "not to exceed" or "not less
than" amounts***.
(c) When the price** of the engineering change is $500,000 or more,
the Contractor shall submit
(1) A completed SF 1411, Contract Pricing Proposal Cover Sheet,
(2) At the time of agreement on price**, a signed Certificate of
Current Cost or Pricing Data.
Insert MIL-STD-480 or MIL-STD-481
Use a term suitable for the type of contract


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