Quantcast Transportation of Supplies -Cont.

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Vessel flag of registry;
Date of loading;
Port of loading;
Port of final discharge;
Description of commodity;
Gross weight in pounds and cubic feet if available;
Total ocean freight in U.S. dollars; and
(10) Name of the steamship company.
(e) The Contractor agrees to provide with its final invoice under this
contract a representation that to the best of its knowledge and belief--
No ocean transportation was used in the performance of this
(2) Ocean transportation was used and only U.S. -flag vessels were
used for all ocean shipments under the contract;
(3) Ocean transportation was used, and the Contractor had the
written consent of the Contracting Officer for all non-U.S-flag ocean
transportation; or
(4) Ocean transportation was used and some or all of the
shipments were made on non-U.S. -flag vessels without the written consent of
the Contracting Officer.  The Contractor shall describe these shipments in
the following format:
(f) If the final invoice does not include the required representation,
the Government will reject and return it to the Contractor as an improper
invoice for the purposes of the Prompt Payment clause of this contract.  IN
the event there has been unauthorized use of non-U.S.-flag vessels in the
performance of this contract, the Contracting Officer is entitled to
equitably adjust the contract, based on the unauthorized use.
(g)  The Contractor shall include this clause, including this paragraph
(g) in all subcontracts under this contract, which exceed the small
purchase limitation of section 13.000 of the Federal Acquisition


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