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(DEC 1991)
AS may be necessary to accomplish the work described in this contract, the
contractor shall prepare and furnish to the Government, complete and ready
for use, all necessary studies, preliminary sketches, estimates working
records, and other drawings (including large scale details, as required),
and specifications; shall check shop drawings furnished by the construction
contractor; shall furnish consultation and advice as requested by the
Government during the construction (but not including the supervision of
the construction work); and shall furnish all other architectural and
engineering services, including those specified hereinafter and required in
connection with the accomplishment of Naval public works and/or utilities
project.  Without limiting the foregoing, it is further specifically agreed
(a) The contractor shall, if necessary, visit the site and shall hold
such conferences with representatives of the Government and take such other
action as may be necessary to obtain the data upon which to develop the
design and preliminary sketches showing the contemplated project.
(b) The preliminary sketches shall include plans, elevations and
sections developed in such detail and with such descriptive specifications
as will clearly indicate the scope of the work and make possible a
reasonable estimate of the cost.
(c) The preliminary sketches together with an estimate of the cost
the project shown on the sketches shall be submitted for approval of the
Contracting Officer.
(d) The contractor shall change the preliminary sketches to the extent
necessary to meet the requirements of the Government.  After approval by
the Contracting Officer, the contractor shall furnish necessary prints of
the approved preliminary sketches to the Contracting Officer.
(e) After the preliminary sketches and estimates have been approved,
the contractor shall proceed with the preparation of complete working
drawings and specifications as required by the Contracting Officer in
connection with the construction of the project.  Working drawings,
specifications and estimates shall be delivered to the Contracting Officer
in such sequence and at such times as required by the Government and as to
ensure that the construction work can begin promptly, procurement of
materials made without delay, and the work prosecuted continuously.
Working drawings and specifications shall be revised as necessary and; as
required by the Contracting Officer, the contractor shall furnish such
number of sets of prints of the approved working drawings and such number
of sets of the approved specifications as may be required by the
Contracting Officer.
(f) Upon arrival of final plans, the contractor shall deliver to the
Government one set of tracings in such medium and on such materials as may
be required by the Contracting Officer suitable for blue-printing, show
complete approved construction requirements (not of "as-built" construction
unless otherwise stipulated); provided, however, that should this contract


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