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The project EIC will be designated by the Contracting Officer upon contract
delivery order award.  As such, the EIC is responsible for monitoring the
performance and progress, as well as overall technical management of the
effort required hereunder, and should be contacted regarding questions or
problems of a technical nature.  In no event, however, will any
understanding or agreement, modification, change order, or other matter
deviating from the terms of the contract between the Contractor and any
person other than the Contracting Officer be effective or binding upon the
Government, unless formalized by proper contractual documents executed by
the Contracting Officer prior to completion of this contract.
When, in the opinion of the Contractor, the EIC requests effort outside the
scope of the contract, the Contractor will promptly notify the Contracting
Officer in writing.  No action will be taken by the Contractor under such
technical instruction until the Contracting Officer has determined if such
effort is within the scope of the contract and, if not, has issued a
contract modification.
The A-E's contractual interpretations, opinions, and suggestions shall be
given only to the Contracting Officer.  All other interpretations, opinions
and suggestions on technical matters relating to the engineering services
ordered under the contract shall be given to the EIC.


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