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Expert witness support for claims, hearings, etc.
Historically, PCAS has been estimated to cost about 1.5% of
construction contract amount for the "average" project, i.e.,
those in the $1-5M range.  This cost is not separately identified
on DD Form 1391, but is generally built into the Primary
Facility Unit Cost.
d.  EFDs have occasionally desired to use more than the 1.5%
allowed for PCAS in calculating project funding requirements.
Rates of 3.5-5.0% have been requested on some projects.  This
higher percentage represents a conscious effort to increase A/E'
involvement during construction.  The A/E may be paid to visit
sites on a regular basis, to send a principal of the firm
periodically, and to provide more frequent advice to ROICCs, etc.
Higher rates are also sought to fund increased in-house personnel
visits to construction sites, and A/E pre-construction briefings
to ROICCs.  All of these situations are appropriate PCAS charges.
3. Policy: a.  NAVFAC has determined that 1.5% is the maximum
allowance for PCAS in programming initial project funding
b.  Although a project's initial funding requirement
will be lower, EFDs are free to proceed with higher PCAS costs
within the allowable categories described above.  However, such
costs must come from project cost and budget.
c.  NAVFAC's policy is to continue to compare, as
appropriate, EFD PCAS requests to 1.5% when establishing initial
project funding requirements, but will allow higher amounts when
d.  When calculating award CWE, the actual PCAS rate
requested by the EFD will be utilized.
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