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e.  Office and Field Consultation.  (To answer/resolve unforeseen
questions/problems which includes Value Engineering Change Proposals.) Allows
for quick A-E support to the ROICC for unforeseen out of scope design problems.
f.  Design Errors or Omissions.  PCAS consultation is not for correcting
design errors or omissions or clarifying details and specifications.  The
Designer of Record (DOR) must provide these services at no additional cost to
the Government.
PCAS is funded from project construction funds and SIOH.  The goal
5.  Funds.
is to keep PCAS funded by project funds within 1% of the construction cost.
The 1% cost includes A-E fees and I-H cost.  If justification is provided to
PACNAVFACENGCOM (Codes 04 and 50) for complex projects such as power plants,
shipyard utility repairs, etc., and when extensive travel is involved for
off-island projects, the 1% goal may be exceeded.  PCAS is generally funded by
the project; however, SIOH supported items requested by the ROICC may also be
included in the PCAS scope.  The following funding areas include but is not
limited to the following items:
Finance the following costs:
SIOH Funds (Provided by the PM).
(1) All contract administration and quality assurance.
(2) Project management, technical direction and coordination.
(3) Expert witness support for claims, hearings, etc.
(4) Award and administration of contracts which call for inspection and
surveillance (Title II).
(5) All inspection and surveillance of routine pile driving, pouring of
concrete, soil compaction, etc:, for conformance with plans and specifications.
Project Funds.
Finance the following costs:
(1) Designer/ROICC Conference.
(2) Specialized training of personnel on facility systems installed as
part of the construction contract (course cost only).
(3) Special nonstandard tools required to initially operate/service
installed equipment.
(4) Preparation of as-built drawings;
(5) Designs for unforeseen change orders and other modifications as


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