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(4) New technologies incorporated into the design.
(5) A discussion of the critical items in the project (including
construction sequence) for which the ROICC should give his special attention.
Identify any long lead items and special equipment.
(6) A discussion of the PCAS proposed and the procedures for obtaining
(7) A brief description of the A-E's organization and the key people with
whom the ROICC will have contact.
ROICC:  Reach an agreement with the PDE on what PCAS items are desired
within funding limitations.  Set priorities for cases where the PCAS scope is
greater than 0.8% target.  Allow 0.2% for variations in effort between
government and A-E estimate.  Decide who (PACDIV or ROICC) will be
coordinating/monitoring what services.  Generally,  services negotiated as firm
fixed-price up-front (submittal reviews, critical items) will be coordinated/
monitored by the ROICC.  Forward percent completed monthly to
PACNAVFACENGCOM 02 for invoice verification.
If no PCAS meeting is held:
PDE:  Forward by formal letter to the OICC/ROICC a draft PCAS scope of
work and a PCAS Government estimate identified as "Official Use Only"
including, but not limited to, submittal register, critical items summary,
construction schedules, recommended field support items.  Request their
comments/recommendations or concurrence within 15 calendar days of receipt of
the letter.
C. Step III Final scope of work.
PDE:  Prepare final scope of work and Government estimate, identifying
SIOH and project funded items (see paragraph 5), based on PCAS meeting or
correspondence with the ROICC.
By formal letter, signed by the Branch Manager, forward Scope of Work and
Government estimate for ROICC approval with copy to PACNAVFACENGCOM (Codes 505
and 501).
Upon receipt of the project assignment sheet for PCAS and/or "committed
funds" are identified by the Program Manager (PM), provide technical assistance
to the Contracting Officer representative (02) to negotiate the level of effort
and forward the technical analysis to PACNAVFACENGCOM (Code 02) before the
construction contract is awarded.  Follow up if PACNAVFACENGCOM (Code 02) does
not award within ten (10) calendar days of construction contract award.
If funds are not available, staff the applicable documents ahead of time
to speed up the PCAS contract award process.  Once funds are available, notify
PACNAVFACENGCOM 02 to complete negotiation and forward technical analysis to
PACNAVFACENGCOM (Code 02) within ten (10) working days.


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