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By formal letter, chopped by PACNAVFACENGCOM (Code SOS), forward the PCAS
contract modification and minutes of correspondence identifying items covered
by PCAS to the appropriate OICC and ROICC.
Inform PACDIV PDE and PM of construction contract award date.
Follow up and ensure OA is completed.
Responsibilities of Parties Involved
a.  Post Award Designer and Pre-Construction Planning Conference (if deemed
necessary by ROICC and if approved by the PM) is in addition to the 100% Design
Meeting and is held after construction contract award.  The construction
contractor should also attend when appropriate.
ROICC.  Notify PDE of date, time, and place of meeting at least twO weeks
prior to the meeting (45 days for Guam and other overseas areas to allow time
for the required 30-day advance area clearance request).  Forward any known
Contractor questions to the PDE.
Notify A-E, attend meeting and resolve applicable Contractor
Attend meeting, answer questions and prepare minutes of meeting.
b.  Submittal Review (Note:  Submittal turn-around time should be agreed
upon between the A-E and Government, preferably at the Designer/ROICC meeting,
if held and should match Specification Section 01300, "Submittals".)
ROICC.  Filter out excessive clarification requests by the Contractor
and/or obvious deficient shop drawings.  Send submittals on submittal register
shown as "A-E" review directly to the A-E within three (3) working days after
receipt of the submittal from the Contractor.  All shop drawings shall be
transmitted to the DOR/A-E by courier (both ways).  Approve/Disapprove
submittals based on DOR/A-E recommendations.  Return action copy to the
A-E.  Review submittal, keep one copy, send one copy to the PDE and the
remainder to the ROICC.  Submit with the submittals a separate cover letter
whenever the A-E recommends "Approval Subject To The Corrections Noted".
"Return For Corrections Noted And Resubmission", "Revise and Resubmit",
"Rejected", or "Disapproval".  The letter shall clearly describe why the
particular action was recommended.
PDE.  Review submittal only for the purpose of monitoring the quality of
the A-E's work and appropriateness of the A-E's response for submittals that
were not approved.  When PDE disagrees with A-E's recommendations
(approval/disapproval), have the A-E take a second look.  Inform A-E that he is
still liable for whatever he finally recommends.


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