Quantcast Reports/In-and-Out Briefs for Consultation Services

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PDE.  Prepare area clearance as necessary. Review A-E's report of
consultation.  Make sure that A-E is providing prompt service as required.
g. Pile Driving Work
ROICC.  Schedule work in advance with A-E and PDE by formal
correspondence.  Provide two weeks notice before starting any work requiring
on-site consultation.  Monitor A-E performance, ensure that A-E performs as
required by the scope, and review reports as received.
PDE.  Prepare area clearances as necessary.  Coordinate with ROICC and
A-E to ensure services are provided at the appropriate time.
A-E.  Provide on-site field and office work as required by the Scope.
Field work may involve several weeks or months at the site.
h. Unforeseen On Site Consultation
OICC/ROICC.  Requests assistance and provide memorandum to
PDE.  PACNAVFACENGCOM 04 and Branch Manager to concur with memorandum
that this assistance should be provided by the A-E vice other means such as I-H
and forward to PDE for execution.  Negotiate in accordance with paragraph 6.e.
"Unforeseen Consultation".  Monitor work and review report of work accomplished
by A-E.  If potential liability is involved, draft a letter, sample letter
provided as enclosure (3), for the Contracting Officer's signature directing
the A-E to perform the work.  Get PACNAVFACENGCOM 09C involved in potential
liability issues.
A-E.  Perform work.  Provide reports/in-and-out briefs in accordance with
paragraph 8, "Reports/In-and-Out Briefs for Consultation Services," as follows:
(1) Oral presentation of findings to the ROICC prior to leaving site.
(2) A report to the PDE who makes distribution within five (5) days after
oral presentation.
Reports/In-and-Out Briefs for Consultation Services
For on-site consultation, A-E shall in-and-out brief the ROICC and the
PDE.  For overseas projects include the OICC's. The PDE may be briefed
separately at PACDIV.  If the PDE is not available, include either the Branch
or Design Manager.  Submit to the ROICC at the out brief a written report,
prepared by the A-E, for PCAS rendered.  This may be a handwritten draft with
the final submitted to the ROICC and PDE within five (5) working days.  PDE
forward final to PACNAVFACENGCOM (Code 04S) to be included in the "Daily Chrono
(If the PDE does not accompany the A-E on the trip, the PDE shall
coordinate the trip for the A-E including obtaining area clearances and
scheduling briefs with the ROICC/OICC.)


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