Quantcast Request for A-E Action on Construction Problem

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(Design A-E)
(AE address)
(provide. contract title,
P number, and location of project)
This letter is to confirm phoncon (... or other expeditious communication means
. . . e.g. FAX) between (AE REP and PACDIV REP) on (date) informing you of a
problem on subject contract.
Per (cite comments from field e.g. phoncon from ROICC) the following
problem(s) (was) (were) identified:
(list each problem)
As the designer of record and in accordance with clause 52.236-23
Responsibility of the Architect-Engineer Contractor, of subject contract, you
are responsible for the professional quality, technical accuracy, and the
coordination of all designs, drawings, specifications and other services -
furnished by the contractor under the contract.
Your immediate attention to the above problem would be greatly appreciated.
Subsequent to the identification of the problem(s), if any errors or
deficiencies in the design, drawings, specifications or other services are
found, you are requested to correct or revise the above expeditiously under
clause 52.236-23 of the subject contract.  If it is determined that the
problem(s) (is) (are) not due to design errors or deficiencies, this action
will be covered by (state amendment or basic contract covering PCAS). Point
of contract for this matter is (PDE & telephone number).


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