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13 SEP 1988
g.  If the A-E liability issue cannot be resolved, the
OICC/ROICC should forward copies of all correspondence, data, and
other information pertinent to the deficiency to OICC FE, Code 05,
f o r use in initiating liability action, and shall document the
d e s i g n and construction contract files.  Prepare, the report for Code
0 5 in the format of attachment (5) of reference (a) and distribute
c o p i e s as indicated.
h .  Code 05 shall review the report submitted by the OICC/ROICC,
o b t a i n additional information as necessary and prepare a brief,
w h i c h concisely Sets forth the apparent facts involved, for the A-E
R e s p o n s i b i l i t y Board.  Code 05 shall also assure that the case is
reviewed by the appropriate design code (e.g. code 170 for PWC
Yokosuka designs) and a brief is prepared by the Project Design
E n g i n e e r to present the liability issue from a design perspective.
A-E Responsibility Board
(1) A standing A-E Responsibility Board is hereby established
for A-E contracts administered by OICC Far East and its field
o f f i c e s .  T h e Board shall consist of at least three of the following
members; including one senior member:
Code 90
Senior Member
Member/Alt Senior Member
Code 09A
PWC Yokosuka Code 170
Member/Alt Senior Member
Project Manager
Alt Member/Alt Recorder
Project Design Engineer (PDE)
Code 02 Representative
Code 05
Alt Member
OICC/ROICC Representative
Alt Member
As available in Yokosuka Naval Base
if determined necessary by Senior
( 2 ) The Board shall review actions involving potential A-E
l i a b i l i t y forwarded by Code 05 and provide findings of fact and
t e c h n i c a l advice to the Contracting-Officer.
( 3 ) Final disposition of an A-E liability action shall be
decided by the Contracting Officer at OICC FE. When a bilateral
settlement cannot be reached with the A-E, the Contracting Officer
at OICC FE shall send the matter to PACNAVFACENGCOM for a final
d e c i s i o n .  S e e references (a) and (b) for additional information and
s p e c i f i c action requirements.


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