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20 FEB 1992
(2) Code 023 - A-E Liability Coordinator.  Tracks and monitors A-E
liability cases from initial identification of EROM design deficiency.
Maintains database on the status of A-E liability cases and the recovery Of
damages for PACNAVFACENGCOM, and reports A-E liability data to COMNAVFACENGCOM.
(3) Code 023 - Claims Division.  As Contracting Officer with Final
Decision authority ($500,000), reviews A-E liability cases referred by
Code 021, settles with A-E, issues a Final Decision or refers to higher
approval authority, as appropriate.
PACNAVFACENGC OM Project Management and Construction Division (Code 50) :
(1) Code 501. When requested by Construction COTR, obtains funds for
DSGN and EROM changes.
(2) Code 505.  As technical advisory coordinator on A-E liability,
resolves disagreements between Construction and Design COTR's on PCM reason
coding, obtains Field Reports on A-E liability from the CACO, determines
technical (design and construction) advisory positions, jointly with
Legal Counsel develops and submits Advisory Report to the Design
Contracting Officer (see enclosure (1)).
PACNAVFACENGCOM Legal Counsel (Code 09C):
As legal advisor, determines the legal position in A-E liability
actions and provides legal support throughout the process.  Legal position is
documented in A-E Responsibility Advisors Report and Contracting Officer
Determination. (See enclosure (1)).
PACNAVFACENGCOM Design Division (Code 04):
(1) Design Director. Upon selection of an A-E firm, the Design
Director or his designated representative in conjunction with the Design
Contracting Officer will arrange a pre-negotiation meeting with the A-E's
management staff to discuss project objectives, priorities, performance
evaluation criteria, project scope, risk and project related issues.  Such
meeting of the minds is considered essential to ensure the success of any
design project.
(2) Design COTR.  The COTR is the primary agent responsible for A-E
contract performance.  As such, he/she provides technical direction/
clarification and monitors A-E contract performance.  The COTR does not have
the authority to take any action, either directly or indirectly, that could
change the pricing/cost or fee, quantity, quality, scope, delivery schedule,
labor mix, or other terms and conditions of the contract. The COTR functions
within the authority delegated by the Contracting Officer.
(3) Design Advisor for A-E Liability Issues.  An individual at the
Branch Manager level or higher within the Design Division, PACNAVFACENGCOM.
Provides the official, authoritative Design Division position and technical
advice to the Contracting Officer via PACNAVFACENGCOM (Code 505).  (Different
advisors may be assigned for individual projects.)


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