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20 FEB 1992
whichever is later.  Each master file will contain all pertinent contracting
o f f i c e r ' s , technical advisor's and COTR's documentation including but not
limited to complete contract scope, drawings, all submittals, memoranda of
negotiation with the A-E, record of telephone conversation, correspondence
(internal and external), etc.
(2) When a contracting officer's Final Decision on A-E liability is
issued, the Contract Claims Division (PACNAVFACENGCOM (Code 023)) will keep the
Final Decision File for at least 14 months following either:
(a) The A-E's receipt of the decision, or
(b) The A-E contract close-out, whichever is later, in case the
decision is appealed to the ASBCA or U.S. Claims Court. Records will be
adequately marked and identified to prevent inadvertent disposal.  At the end
of the applicable 14 month period, the Final Decision File will be returned to
the A-E Master File.
Field contracting activities with A-E contract authority will submit to
the PACNAVFACENGCOM A-E Liability Coordinator (Code 023) a log of A-E liability
actions using the format in enclosure (41.  Reports will be submitted at the
end of each quarter.  PACNAVFACENGCOM (Code 023) will ensure that a
consolidated report is forwarded to COMNAVFACENGCOM (Code 022) within ten
calendar days after the end of each quarter.
Vice Commander
Lists II-III
X-l (1-15, 18-19, 22, 26)
OICC Chinhae
ROIC NAS Barbers Point (Midway Island)
Stocked at:
Pacific Division (Code 0161)
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Pearl Harbor, HI 96860-7300


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