Quantcast Engineering and Design Criteria at Your Personal Computer -Cont.

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Subj :
o Translate Documents:  Translate CD-ROM files singly or in batch mode to
any one of the following word processor formats; WordStar, WordPerfect,
Samna, MicroSoft Word, MultiMate, VolksWriter, DisplayWriter (DCA/RFT),
WordMarc, Wang PC, ASCII.
o Installation Check:  One key check that everything is installed properly.
A separate installation program is used to easily perform actual system
o Word Processor:  A one-key tie into any word processor that has been in-
stalled on the host computer system.
o SPECSINTACT:  An advanced processing system for preparing project and
guide specifications for NASA, CORPS, and NAVFAC. This system is
available for test and evaluation.  All SPECSINTACT features are now
operational on the NASA data base.  Most SPECSINTACT features are
operational for NAVFAC and CORPS guide specifications.  All SPECSINTACT
features will be operational for NAVFAC guide specifications in the
CCB October quarterly update.
5. For further information on the SPECSINTACT system, contact Ms. Cheryl
Mackay, CESO-156 on autovon 360-3361 or commercial (805) 982-3361. X448.
6. The CCB is available to Navy and Army activities from the National Institute
of Building Sciences on a yearly subscription basis (which includes a quarterly
update) at a cost of $550.00 per year.  NAVFAC made a central purchase of some
80+ CD-ROY readers which have been allocated by priority to those where the
appropriate computer equipment is already installed.  Each activity is
responsible for any further purchases of both the CD-Born readers and
subscriptions.  EFD's are encouraged to make enclosure (1) available to all
Architect-Engineer firms applying for DOD/Federal work.
7. The CD-RON readers already at the activities will be installed by contractor
personnel.  The CCB will be installed at the same time. All questions on
installation of the CD-ROM players should be referred to Mr. Dana Smith, FAC
DS01, autovon 221-0850 or commercial (202) 325-0850. Training on the use of the
system will start in November and will be provided by CESO-156 or contractor
personnel.  All questions on training should be referred to Mr. Gary Johnson,
at CESO-156 on autovon 360-3361 or commercial (805) 982-3361. X442.
8: Engineering Field Divisions (EFD) Design Division, Criteria or
Specifications Branch Manager are the primary points of assistance on this
program.  All PWC's and PWD's are encouraged to work through your local EFD.


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