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CCB involves several distinct software packages and data bases ail operating
together within a single system (CCB) from a single user-friendly menu.  CCB
now includes:
SEARCH DATA BASES -  F u l l - t e x t s e a r c h a n d r e t r i e v a l a l l o w i n g
s e a r c h i n g of data bares for words or groups of words,  with the
appropriate full text displayed la a few seconds-
MOVE FILES  - View files in the data base, tag them, and perform
c o p i e s of the files to hard disk or floppy diskettes.
TRANSLATE DOCUMENTS - Translate CD-ROM files singly or in batch
m o d e to any one of these word processor formats: WordStar, Word-
DisplayWriter (DCA/RFT), WordMarc, Wang PC, ASCII.
INSTALLATION CHECK  - - One key check that everything is installed
p r o p e r l y .  A separate installation program is used to easily per-
f o r m actual system installation.
WORD PROCESSOR  - A one-key tie in to any word processor that has
been installed on the host computer system.
SPECSINTACT -- An advanced processing system for preparing project
and guide  specifications for NASA, CORPS, and NAVFAC. This system
is available for test and evaluation. All SPECSINTACT features are
now operational  on the NASA data base.  Most SPECINTACT features
are operational for CORPS and NAVFAC guide specifications  at the
present time.
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