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The novice
C C B is actually a fairly complex integrated software system-
u s e r is  `shielded' from most of the complexities of the system by the CCB
system menu programs and by the CCB Installation program.
To speed installation, NIBS provides a  m e n u - d r i v e n installation program to
r a p i d l y install all required and optional elements of the system, including
the necessary software linkages between the CD-ROM player unit and the host
T h e Installation documentation for this program is provided on
just one page.  T h e main concern of the user is to `insert the installation
d i s k e t t e in the computer, type the word "install", and press the "Enter"
key.  A l m o s t everything else is taken care of by the installation software.
S o f t w a r e installation requires approximately 25 minutes. Prior computer
experience is not necessary.  M o s t of this time involves copying files from
e i t h e r  t h e CD-ROM or from floppy diskettes. Detailed instructions are
available for each portion of the system, but most users  w i l l n o t n e e d t o
c o n s u l t this material.
Check out host computer for suitability:
Automatically install CD-ROM drivers and software;
Install CCB programs;
I n s t a l l full-text search software;
Install ASCII to word processor translator;
Install SPECSINTACT and related programs.
T h e user follows the
I n s t a l l a t i o n of a CD-ROM player is not difficult.
m a n u f a c t u r e r ' s directions which basically involve removing the computer's
installing a special card in a free expansion slot in the com-
o u t e r cover,
puter, and connecting cables to tie the CD-ROM to the computer.  The process-
is thoroughly covered in the manufacturer's instructions.
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