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13 MAR 1992
(1), Sec. 6.1.3
Are they required?
(1), Sec.
Is coverage 100%?
(1), Sec. 5.1.1
D e t e r m i n e sprinkler occupancy type (light,
ordinary, extra, and group number).
(4), Sec. 2.2
I s system to be hydraulically calculated
(protected area over 3000 SF)?
N a v y : (1), Table 10
F o r hydraulic calcs, specify design
A i r Force: (6), Para 2-2
density, remote design area, and hose stream
( 1 ) , Table 10
For pipe schedule systems (under 3000 SF),
specify occupancy group as above and delete
density, design area, and hose stream
NFPA 231, 231C
I f storage occupancy, i n d i c a t e specific type
of material stored, how it is packaged, how
i t i s s t o r e d ( i . e . , piles, pallets, racks),
a n d storage height.
A r e in-rack sprinklers required?
(4), Sec. 2.1.2
Are all sprinklers (including trash chutes,
s p r a y booths, e t c . ) under sprinkler spec?
I s riser detail provided showing Fire
Department connection, alarms, drains,
p r e s s u r e gages, and other trim?
(4), Sec. 2.4.4
Are underground feed main and riser at least
6 " size?
Specify  212F  (intermediate-temperature)
(4), Sec. 2.3.1
o r higher sprinkler heads.
Specify earthquake sway bracing.,
(4), Sec. 2.4.1
Specify automatic power shutdown in
e l e c t r o n i c s equipment areas.
(5), Sec. 2.7
Is the Fire Department connection and water
motor gong accessible to the fire department?
Does the system activate the building alarm?
If no alarm system, do the sprinklers send
(1), Sec.
a signal directly to the Fire Department?
Are sprinkler and fire alarm specs
c o o r d i n a t e d ( i . e . , pressure switch under
sprinkler section and wiring to alarm
system under fire alarm section)?
If the system is wet pipe, provide a post
i n d i c a t o r control valve at least 40 feet from
t h e building.  Where this distance is not
possible, locate PIV at blank masonry wall.
Enclosure (2)


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