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PHILIPPINES, OKINAWA AND JAPAN:  The design A-E shall prepare
"shop drawing level" fire protection system drawings as an integral part of
the contract documents, i.e., performance plans/specifications are not to be
used.  The design A-E team shall use the services of a U.S. registered fire
protection engineer to design and prepare "shop drawing level" plans/
specifications.  The design package shall be reviewed by PACNAVFACENGCOM
Code 408 prior to release for bidding.  No shop drawing reviews will be
required during construction as long as the Contracting Officer does not
permit the construction contractor to deviate from the A-E's original design.
If any significant construction field changes occur, then shop drawings,
catalog cuts and supporting calculations will be forwarded to PACNAVFACENGCOM
Code 408 for review and approval.
HAZARDOUS MATERIAL STORAGE:  The designer shall consult with
PACNAVFACENGCOM Code 408 for technical input as early in the design phase. as
possible.  Fire protection criteria in this area is subject to constant change.


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