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1.  Schematic wiring diagrams shoving terminal blocks, wiring
numbers, spares, ends of runs, wire size, conduit designation and site.
Catalog cuts shoving all equipment to be Installed.
3.  Installation drawings shoving plot plan layout and location of
proposed equipment.
1.  The fire alarm control panel shall contain all equipment housed
in one cabinet including annunciation, trouble signals, relays, etc.,
and shall detect the operation of any signal initiating device,
indicate by annunciator lamps, individual circuit trouble alarm and
individual circuit fire alarm.  A separate annunciator panel will be
2.  A pilot lamp shall normally be on, indicating that the system
is operating from the main power supply.  A failure of the main power
supply shall cause the lamp to go out.
3.  A trouble lamp and trouble buzzer, operating together, shall
signal any trouble condition.  Failure of main operating power,
disarrangement in system wiring or alarm condition shall cause the
trouble lamp to come on and the trouble buzzer to sound.  A silencing
switch shall be provided to silence the trouble buzzer and shall be so
arranged that the trouble lamp will be on at all times that this switch
is in an off-normal position.  Restoration of the system to norm81
shall cause the trouble buzzer to resound until the silencing switch is
returned to its normal position.
4.  All alarm signals shall sound continuously and be automatically
locked-in at the control panel until the operated device is returned to
its normal condition, and the panel is manually reset. A switch shall
be provided on the control panel for silencing the alerting devices.
The manual reset switch and the alarm silencing switch shall be of the
self-restoring type which cannot be left in an abnormal position.
Note:  Some occupancies such as hospitals require coded systems.
5.  The control panel shall provide for annunciation with signal
initiating circuits zoned or numbered as required. Each circuit for
trouble and alarm shall be represented by separate alarm lamps. The
lamp for each circuit shall be identified by a lettered nameplate
shoving the circuit number and/or zone designation.  The trouble and
alerting devices shall function as hereinbefore specified.
6.  The control panel shall include the necessary stitches, relays,
indicator lamps, wiring terminals, ccc., CO provide complete operating,
supervising, control and testing facilities for the entire system.  All
relays shall be of the sealed plug-in-type.


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