Quantcast Pre-action and Deluge Sprinkler Systems

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(Refer to NAVFAC Guide Specification NFCS-15503 for further information
in developing detailed specifications.)
GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  A pre-action sprinkler system uses closed
sprinkler heads arranged as in a wet or dry-pipe system. A
heat-responsive system installed throughout the protected area operates
an automatic water-control valve upon detection of fire which admits
water to the piping ready to discharge through the sprinklers when
their fusible elements are released.  There is normally no water in the
piping of a pre-action sprinkler system which is a preferred
arrangement when an alarm in advance of sprinkler operation is
desirable and where it is desirable to minimize water damage due to
premature operation or mechanical damage to the sprinkler system.
Pre-action sprinkler systems are used in high valued computer or
communication facilities, and in cold storage facilities at the roof
level and in racks.
A deluge system uses open sprinklers where it is desirable
to deliver water through all sprinklers simultaneously and wet down the
entire area protected.  Water is held back from the sprinkler system by
a control valve which is released by a heat-responsive system installed
throughout the sprinklered area.  Deluge systems are commonly installed
in airplane hangars and other hazards needing immediate application of
large quantities of water.
NOTE:  The guideline data for a pre-action or deluge sprinkler system
is identical except that in the case of pre-action sprinkler systems
the sprinkler piping is supervised with air pressure to detect faulty
sprinkler or piping conditions and sprinkler heads are of the closed
REQUIREMENT:  The PACNAVFACENGCOM Fire Protection Engineer will
determine the requirement for pre-action or deluge type sprinkler
systems based on type of construction, occupancy encountered, and other
factors during design review stage(s).
GENERAL:  The work includes complete design, the furnishing of all
materials, equipment, and labor for the installation of a (pre-action)
(deluge) sprinkler system, complete and ready for standard operation in
areas indicated.


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