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SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS:  The system shall include a sprinkler riser
connected to the water system, water flow indication and appurtenances,
sprinkler heads and piping, and such other standard accessories as are
necessary for a complete, approved system.  The design and installation
shall be accomplished by a qualified, responsible contractor recognized
as a fully-experienced specialist in automatic sprinkler systems. All
devices and equipment shall be of make and type listed by the
Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., or approved by the Factory Mutual
Laboratories.  Materials shall be of approved, standard quality, and
the entire installation shall be accomplished in a thorough and
workmanlike manner.  Sprinkler heads shall be spaced according to
National Fire Protection Association Standards. All work and materials
shall conform with current requirements of the N.F.P.A. as published in
their Standards Nos. 13, 15, 16, 16A, 24, and 409, latest editions.
The provisions of these Standards, unless otherwise specified, shall be
followed in total whether the stipulations listed therein are directed
or recommended.  The riser assemblies and trimmings shall be installed
approximately at the locations indicated.  Detailed working drawings of
the system and catalog information shall be prepared by an accredited
sprinkler installation company and shall be submitted to the Contracting
Officer for review and approval of the CQC representative prior to the
fabrication of the system.
The drawings shall be submitted in a
complete set for the area as indicated; partial submissions will not be
acceptable.  Timbers, uprights, hangers, piping, lighting fixtures,
ducts, etc., are likely to interfere with the proper distribution of
water from sprinklers.  Therefore, sprinklers should be so located or
spaced that any interference is held to a minimum.  In connection
herewith, the contractor shall obtain coordination among the trades so
as to avoid any interference with potential effectiveness of the
automatic sprinkler system.
a.  Controlling gate valves located at sprinkler riser(s)
shall be either O.S. & Y. valves or butterfly valves.
They shall be of the Underwriters' Laboratories pattern and listing, or
Factory Mutual approved.  If either of the above noted valves are not
used at the sprinkler riser(s), then-listed or approved post indicator
valve assemblies shall be provided on the underground main supplying
the sprinkler riser.
b.  (Pre-action) (Deluge) sprinkler valve shall operate
electrically and shall be specifically approved by Underwriters'
Laboratories or Factory Mutual for use as a special system water
control valve for use in controlling water flow to (pre-action)
(deluge) sprinkler system.  The valve shall be installed with the
number of accessory devices to form a (pre-action) (deluge) system such
as described in NFPA Standard No. 13. An O-S. & Y. valve shall be
provided directly below each pre-action or deluge valve and no post
indicator valve assembly is permitted on the underground main supplying
these type of valves.


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