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insulation, including insulating sheathing, installed within wall
assemblies.  In such installations, the interior finish materials shall
conform to paragraph 1 above and shall have a minimum fire retardant
rating of 15 minutes by ASTM E-119 Test when installed as used in the
actual construction application.
(b) Compliance with flame spread and smoke developed limitation is
not required for the following applications:
(1) Insulation installed above poured-concrete or poured-gypsum
roof decks, nominal.2 inch thick T&G wood plank roof decks, or precast
roof deck panels or planks which are Factory Mutual approved as
Noncombustible roof deck construction.
(2) Insulation installed above roof. decks where the entire roof
construction assembly, including the insulation, is Underwriters'
Laboratories listed as fire Acceptable or Factory Mutual approved for
Class I roof deck construction.
(3) Insulation contained entirely within panels where the entire
panel assembly, as will be used in the actual construction application,
meets the flame spread and smoke developed limitations cited above.
(4) Insulation isolated from Interior of building by masonry
walls (cavity walls), insulation encased in masonry cores, or by
concrete floors.
(5) Insulation installed over concrete floor slab and completely
covered by wood T&C flooring without creating air spaces within the
flooring system.
(6) Insulation completely enclosed in hollow metal doors.
(7) Insulation installed between exterior siding materials and
wood board, plywood, fiberboard, or gypsum exterior wall sheathing.
NOTE :  The exception to smoke developed limitation in item (6) is not
applicable to hospitals and confinement (correctional) facilities.
insulation material to meet flame spread and smoke development
requirements alone does not constitute approval of an insulating
material.  In addition to fire protection criteria insulation shall
conform to all other specified recognized performance requirements.
*See Note.
*NOTE :  Flame spread and smoke development
ratings are listed in the
Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., Building
Materials List, latest
edition and in the Factory Mutual approved
equipment and materials
listing for industrial fire safety, latest


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