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GENERAL INFORMATION:  Plastics in general are combustible, much like
wood, paper and textiles.  Like these materials, they are useful in
construction.  As with wood, paper and textiles, combustibility shall
be considered in their use.  Nearly all of the plastic materials have
extremely high smoke development ratings and should not be used in
personnel buildings such as UEPHs, UOPHs, office buildings, hospitals,
etc., where life safety is of primary concern.
REQUIREMENTS :  Use of plastic panels shall be limited to use in
industrial-type buildings and limited to materials having a flame
spread rating of 25 or less.  This requirement also applies to the use
of plastic glazing.  Even with a flame spread of 25 or less, the use of
plastic panels may result in more severe fire exposures between
buildings and between floors of individual buildings. Two types of
plastic insulation known as foamed polystyrene and polyurethane are
appearing in specifications for use as insulation in cold storage and
other types of facilities.  In general, these materials readily support
combustion and are deformed by heat and shall not be utilized, except
that they may be used in cold storage and other types of facilities if
the plastic is sandwiched between noncombustible materials.  The
PACNAVFACENGCOM Fire Protection Engineer shall determine the extent and
use of any plastic material for use in features of construction,
particularly involving foamed plastic insulation.


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