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AUDIBLE ALARM DEVICES: Audible alarm devices shall be
horns or electronic sound generators.  Use l approximately 3000 ft
per audible alarm device in open areas;  Visual alarm indicators shall
be pulse or strobe type.  Provide audiovisual alarms where occupancy
is subject to higher than normal noise or for use by handicapped
SUBMITTALS: Contractor's submittal requirements in
s p e c i f i c a t i o n s shall include a layout plan of all fire alarm devices
and conduit runs in addition to scaled shop drawings required by
NAVFAC Guide Specification 16722.  (Minimum size drawings that are
acceptable is 1/10 scale.)
TRANSMITTER/INTERFACE PANEL: Where radio fire alarm transmitters are
r e q u i r e d , the designer shall provide a specification section for
them.  Careful consideration is necessary for placement of radio
transmitters and antenna (obstructions, maximum height allowances,
e t c . ) .  P l a c e in transmitters in accessible, visible, and well
t r a v e l l e d exterior locations.  Combination  transmitter/interface
panels can be used.
ELEVATORS:  Smoke detectors and/or heat detectors for
elevator machine rooms and hoistway areas shall be controlled by the
building's 24 Vdc FACP.
NOTE: Consult with Code 408 for sequence of operation details
between the elevator controller and the building FACP.


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