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Navy & Air Force Projects: Design criteria diffusers
between Navy and Air Force projects. Navy requirements for Occupancy
classification, design density, remote area and hose stream allowances
are specified in MIL-HDBK-l008A (dtd 31 March 1988). Air Force
requirements are contained in AFR 88-15 (dtd December 1985).
Sprinkler Coverage: Sprinkler protection for all areas
o f the building shall be included under the sprinkler specification
s e c t i o n . Sprinkler protection for freezers, coolers and covered
l o a d i n g docks shall be specifically called for in the contract plans
a n d specifications.  Do not specify sprinklers coverage under separate
s p e c i f i c a t i o n sections for special areas such as trash chutes, paint
s p r a y booths, elevators, etc.
HYDRAULIC ANALYSIS:  The A-E shall conduct water flow
tests at the proposed site and include pertinent test data in the 35%
design Package.  The A-E is also responsible for determining if the
water supply is adequate to erect sprinkler and hose stream demands.
F o r hydraulic calculations, deduct the hose Stream requirement at the
p o i n t of connection to the existing distribution system or the Closest
f i r e hydrant, w h i c h e v e r is Closer to the sprinkler riser.  If these
demands cannot be met, the A-E shall provide proper solutions to the
p r o b l e m of an insufficient water supply (i.e., fire pump(s), and/or
w a t e r storage tank(s)).  It is imperative that possible problems and
s o l u t i o n s be identified as early possible.  See PACNAVFACENGCOM
instruction 1132O.5B paragraph 6.a for required format of water supply
data.  Provide reference points on drawings to show where water supply
d a t a is given.  All systems Over 3000 square feet shall be
h y d r a u l i c a l l y  calculated.
Temperature Rating:  Use intermtdiate temperature rated
(212-F) sprinklers wherever NFPA 13 (1987 edition) requires ordinary
(165-F) temperature rating.  Use high temperature rated (296-F)
s p r i n k l e r s at ceiling/roof level Of warehouse occupancies.
On-off Intermittent Sprinkler Heads: Do not
s p e c i f y " o n - o f f " intermittent sprinkler heads.
Brig Facilities:  Use tamper proof sprinklers in all
detention and cor r e c t i o n a l f a c i l i t i e s .
Piers and Wharfs: Sprinkler heads below a combustible
pier-or wharf sha ll be pendant Sprinkler heads installed in the
u p r i g h t position.  A l l sprinkler heads shall be of the corrosion
r e s i s t a n t type.


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