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Earthquake Sway Bracing:  Earthquake sway bracing shall
be installed on all sprinkler systems in accordance with paragraph
3-10.3.5 of NFPA 13 (1987 edition).
2 . 4 . 2 . Interior Sprinkler Piping Layout: Interior sprinkler
piping layout shall be done by the contractor based on a performance
s p e c i f i c a t i o n s .  Contract drawings shall show underground feed main
and Sprinkler risers, but not the interior piping and sprinkler heads.
When allowed by PACNAVFACENGCOM Code 408, sprinkler layout may be
shown on contract drawings only if such drawings include all necessary
details required on installation shop drawings (see paragraph l-9.2 of
NFPA 13; 1987 edition).
Do not use plastic pipe for
Aboveground Piping:
aboveground sprinkler piping.
Underground Feed Mains:  Underground sprinkler feed
mains shall be no smaller than 6-inches in size.
L o c a t i o n :  T h e preferable location for all sprinkler
I f the sprinkler riser is located
r i s e r s is inside the building.
o u t s i d e , a protective shelter shall be built around it.  Provide guard
posts for sprinkler risers located in open industrial or warehouse
Anchor Rods:  Provide anchor rods at the base of each
sprinkler riser according to figure A-2-9.1 of NFPA 13 (1987 edition)
and figure A-8-6.2(i) of NFPA 24 (1927 edition).  Show these rods on
r i s e r details on contract drawings.
Control Valves:  Each sprinkler riser shall be
controlled by either a post indication valve (PIV) or an OS&Y gate
valve, but not both.  Pre-action and deluge systems shall have an OS&Y
gate valve.
2 . 5 . 3 . 1 Supervision of Control Valves: All valves controlling
sprinkler systems shall be supervised by one of the methods outlined
in paragraph 3-14.2.3 of
13 (1987 edition).  Plans or
s p e c i f i c a t i o n s shall indicate the type of supervision desired.
P r e - A c t i o n Piping Supervision: For pre-action systems,
use `either plant air or tank-mounted air compressor(s).  Specify a low
air pressure switch for transmitting a low air signal to the FACP.
Pre-Action Deluge Valve Actuating Circuit:  The
pre-action deluge valve actuating circuit shall be Class A or solenoid
c o i l supervised.


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