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EXCESS PRESSURE PUMP: Do not use excess pressure pumps.
SPRINKLERS in ELECTRONIC AREAS: Where sprinklers are
l o c a t e d in electronic areas, electronics power must automatically Shut
down prior to water flow.  Pre-action v a l v e s s h a l l b e o p e r a t e d b y
cross-toned smoke detectors.  P r e - a c t i o n sprinkler heads installed in
the pendant position shall be the dry pendant type.
CLUBS: All clubs shall have sprinkler protection
r e g a r d l e s s of construction.
PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES:  A pressure relief valve shall
be installed for gridded wet pipe systems to prevent buildup of excess
pressure due to thermal heating.  Specify relief valve size to be a
minimum of -inch.  Show relief valve on riser diagram located
at the upper pressure gauge and piped to the outside.
WAREHOUSES:  for warehouses, A-E shall design sprinkler
protection in accordance with MIL-HDBK-1032/2 (dtd 30 Sept 1987),
NFPA 231 (1987 edition) and 231C (1986 edition), as applicable.
Storage heights shall be based on maximum available storage height
when the minimum required clear space below sprinklers is maintained.
Where rack storage will be provided, show rack configurations,
s h e l v i n g details, aisle width, etc. (plan view, elevation and details)
on contract drawings.  Indicate materials stored in the design. If
s o l i d shelving, sprinklers are required beneath each tier.
heads at the top and bottom of elevator shafts in accordance with
ANSI A.17.1A (rule 102.2) and NFPA 13.
NOTE:  Consult with Code 408 for specific details.


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