Quantcast Section 3. Carbon Dioxide and Halon Systems

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SEQUENCE of OPERATION:  Where total room and/or
underfloor flooding Systems are automatically actuated by cross-zoned
Smoke detectors, the sequence shall be as follows:
a. Upon actuation of the first detector (pre-alarm mode):
( 1 ) A pre-discharge alarm (distinct from building
general alarm) shall sound in the protected area.
(2) An alarm signal shall be transmitted to the Fire
Department unless otherwise authorized by
b. Upon actuation of the second detector (discharge mode):
(1) Air handling equipment serving the protected
area(s) shall shut down.
(2) All door closers and any required dampers to the
p r o t e c t e d area shall close.
(3) A red revolving light in the protected area must
a c t i v a t e (not required if only underfloor flooding
i s being provided).
(4) A general building alarm shall sound.
(5) A time delay relay (Set at a minimum 20 seconds)
shall Start, at the end Of the time delay the
f o l l o w i n g shall occur:
(a) Discharge will occur in the protected area or
zone where the alarm was initiated.
(b) Technical power in the affected area of zone
shall shut down.
Note:  Designer must consider if the particular
technical equipment requires a phased shutdown.
( c ) A visual indicator (i.e., sign with lit face
or flashing light above) outside the entrances
to the area of Lone must activate, indicating
t h a t re-entry is prohibited (not required of
o n l y underfloor flooding is provided).
(d) A signal shall transmit from the Halon control
panel to the FACP to charge the pre-action
sprinkler system in the protected area.


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