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c. Upon actuation of a manual station  all functions under
a and b above shall occur, including the time delayed
discharge.  Manual release station shall be dual action
d. A pressure switch shall be connected to the FACP to
s o u n d a building general alarm but shall not initiate
discharge sequence nor shut down any equipment.
e . On Air force projects only, an abort switch shall be
provided and shall be located within the protected
area.  No abort witch will be included in Navy
projects unless specifically directed by
HALON or CO2 SYSTEMS: Halon or CO2 systems are not
substitutes for required sprinkler protection in accordance with DOD
Design Concentration for Halon 1301 in Electronic
Equipment Spaces: For design of Halon 1301 systems in electronic
equipment spaces, the design concentrations shall be 7%. A minimum
concentration of 5% to a maximum of 7% shall be maintained for ten
Reserve Supply of Halon and CO2: Provide an in-place
complete reserve supply of Halon and CO2 for each system.  On Navy
projects, this reserve supply shall be connected through a
m a i n / r e s e r v e transfer switch. On Air Force projects, the reserve
supply need not be connected.
C O2 Supply: Locate CO2 supply cylinders outside of,
b u t adjacent to or as close as possible to the area(s) being
p r o t e c t e d .  A l l C O2 cylinders shall be the standard 75 lbs. size.
Halon Supply:  For design of Halon 1301 systems, the
d e s i g n e r shall locate storage tanks as close as possible to the hazard
being protected without being in the hazard area. The designer shall
insure that the percentage of Halon 3303 in the piping (as determined
by paragraph l-10.6.4 of NFPA 12A; 1987 edition) is less than 80%.
Nozzle pressures shall be no less than 50% of the average discharge
HALON ACCEPTANCE TESTS: Final Halon acceptance tests
s h a l l include full discharge concentration tests (lasting a minimum of
10 minutes) in each protected area for each separate system. Halon
1301 shall be used during testing.
MANUAL STATIONS: All manual stations shall be distinct
( i . e . . s i g n s , color and action) from manual building alarm station and
s t a t i o n s for other extinguishing systems.


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