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Renovation.  This handbook also applies to renovation,
modernization, and rehabilitation work.  To the extent possible, renovation,
modernization, and rehabilitation work shall comply with the requirements for
new construction outlined in this handbook.
Existing Facilities.  Existing facilities which are acceptable to
the authority having jurisdiction, and meet the requirements of NFPA 101,
Safety to Life From Fire in Buildings and Structures, for existing occupancies
do not have to be modified to comply with the provisions of this handbook.
However, if the facilities are renovated, modernized, or rehabilitated, the
facilities shall meet the requirements for new construction as specified in
this handbook.
Absence of Criteria.  When a specific application is not covered by
the criteria cited herein, follow national building codes, recognized industry
standards, and standard engineering practices.  In the absence of such
technical information, contact the DOD component authority having jurisdiction
(refer to par. 1.3.5).
Conflicts in Criteria.  If a conflict exists between this handbook
and any other DOD document, referenced code, standard, or publication, this
handbook shall take precedence.  The individual DOD components may issue
technical guidance which shall take precedence.  The Army and Air Force issue
Engineering Technical Letters (ETLs); the Navy issues Design Policy Letters
(DPLs); and the Defence Logistic Agency (DLA) issues Technical Policies.
Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).  The term "AHJ" as used in the
codes and standards referenced in this handbook shall mean the component
office of responsibility, i.e., U.S. Army, HQ USACE/CEMP-E; U.S. Navy,
NAVFACENGCOM HQ Code 150; U.S. Marine Corps, HQMC Code LFF-1; U.S. Air Force,
HQ AFCESA/DFE; Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), HQ DLA-D through DLA-MMDI;
Defense Mapping Agency (DMA), HQ DMA(HRH); and all other DOD components, ADUSD
(ES) Conservations and Installations via the DOD Standing Committee on Fire
Protection Engineering.
Waivers.  Where a valid need exists, waivers for deviation from
established criteria may be approved by the AHJ, if an alternate fire
protection engineering design providing equivalent fire protection and life
safety is approved.  Requests for approval shall include justification, hazard
analysis, cost comparison, criteria used, and other pertinent data.  Lack of
funds or cost savings are not considered sufficient justification for
deviation from established criteria.  Waivers shall apply only to specific
requests under consideration and not to cases with similar circumstances.
Guide Specifications.  Guide specifications which are issued and
approved by the DOD components shall be used in the procurement of new
facilities and processes, as well as modernization, renovation, and repair
work on existing facilities.  The guide specifications include design criteria
which is not specifically addressed in this handbook.


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