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Section 2:
Basic Criteria.  Building construction shall conform to fire
resistance requirements, allowable floor area, building height limitations,
and building separation distance requirements of the UBC.  Other requirements
of the UBC are not considered criteria but may be used as a guide when
established criteria does not address a specific situation.
Egress and Safety to Life.  Building construction related to egress
and safety to life shall comply with NFPA 101.  Conflicts between the UBC and
NFPA 101 related to fire resistance rating shall conform to NFPA 101 and
applicable criteria contained herein.  Appendix A provides a cross reference
between the construction types referenced in NFPA 220, Types of Building
Construction and the UBC.
Partitions.  The UBC fire resistance requirements for permanent
partitions shall not apply to non-bearing partitions in Type I and Type II
construction.  Fire resistance ratings of non-bearing partitions in Type I and
Type II construction shall comply with NFPA 101.
Type of Construction.  New buildings shall be limited to
noncombustible construction (UBC Type I or Type II), except as listed below
and modified herein.  For additional construction requirements for medical
facilities, refer to par. 4.4.
Exception 1:
Occupancy Groups B, M, and R-3 as defined by the UBC
may consist of Types III, IV, or V construction if the
total floor area does not exceed 8,000 square feet.
Allowable area increases are not permitted.
Exception 2:
Navy and Marine Corps child development centers may be
of Type V construction if protected by automatic
Exception 3:
Navy apartment-style bachelors' quarters may be Type V
One-hour construction.
Separation Between Buildings.  Use the UBC to determine required
separation distances between buildings.  These distances are contingent upon
the fire resistance ratings of the exterior walls and the openings in these
Fire Areas.  Fire areas shall conform to the UBC, except as modified
herein.  Exceptions for specific occupancies are listed in Section 4 of this
The Air Force permits the allowable area to triple in any
building when an approved automatic sprinkler system is
installed, regardless of building height or area.


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