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buildings with complete automatic sprinkler protection.
Existing Construction.  In the case of combustible interior finishes
in existing buildings, certain basic safeguards are essential.  The following
alternate measures are available to provide the necessary safeguards to
protect life and property against fires:
a)  Cover combustible surfaces with gypsum board or other materials
meeting the requirements of par. 2.7.1; or
Protect the building with an automatic sprinkler system; or
Remove and replace with an approved material.
Interior Floor Finish.
Interior floor finishes shall conform to the
requirements of NFPA 101.
Requirements.  Thermal and acoustical insulation shall have a FS
rating not higher than 75, and a SD rating not higher than 150 when tested in
accordance with ASTM E84 (NFPA 255).  Cellular plastic insulation shall be
tested in the same densities and thicknesses as the material that will be used
in construction applications.
Exceptions to Insulation Criteria.  For certain types of insulation
installation, the exceptions described in pars. and shall
Flame Spread - No Smoke Limitation.  Compliance with the SD
limitation is not required, and a FS rating up to 100 is permitted for
insulation, including insulating sheathing installed within wall assemblies.
In such installations, the interior finish materials shall conform to par. 2.7
and shall have a minimum fire-resistance rating of 15 minutes when tested in
accordance with ASTM E119.
No Flame Spread or Smoke Limitation.  Compliance with FS and SD
limitations are not required for the following applications:
a)  Insulation installed above poured concrete or poured gypsum
roof decks, nominal 2-inch (50.8 mm) thick tongue-and-groove wood plank roof
decks, or precast roof deck panels or planks that are approved by a NRTL, as
noncombustible roof deck construction.
b)  Insulation installed above roof decks where the entire roof
construction assembly, including the insulation, is UL listed as Fire
Classified, or FM approved for Class I roof deck construction or equal listing
or classification by a NRTL.


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