Quantcast Roof Coverings and Roof Deck Assemblies

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c)  Insulation contained entirely within panels where the entire
panel assembly used in the construction application meets the cited FS and SD
d)  Insulation isolated from the interior of the building by
masonry walls, masonry cavity walls, insulation encased in masonry cores, or
concrete floors.
e)  Insulation installed over concrete floor slabs and completely
covered by wood tongue-and-groove flooring without creating air spaces within
the flooring system.
Insulation completely enclosed in hollow metal doors.
g)  Insulation installed between new exterior siding materials and
existing exterior siding or wood board, plywood, fiberboard, or gypsum
exterior wall sheathing.
The exception to SD limitations described in this paragraph is
not applicable to hospitals and correctional facilities.
Roof Coverings and Roof Deck Assemblies
Roof Coverings.  Roof coverings shall be approved and listed by a
NRTL.  The UL Building Materials Directory lists three Classes (A, B, and C)
of acceptable roof coverings based on compliance with UL 790, Safety Tests for
Fire Resistance of Roof Covering Materials and NFPA 256, Fire Tests of Roof
Coverings.  Class C roof coverings shall be restricted to housing and
buildings under 8,000 square feet (743.5 m2) and which are not mission
essential.  In congested areas, the AHJ may want to stipulate Class A roof
coverings as defined by UL 790 and NFPA 256.
Roof Deck Assemblies.  Roof deck assemblies shall be FM Class I
approved, or UL listed as Fire Classified or equal listing or classification
by a NRTL.
Exception 1:
Fully sprinklered buildings.
Exception 2:
Buildings under 8,000 square feet (743.5 m2).
Roof Access for Manual Fire Fighting
Fire Fighting Access to Roof.  Required interior stair towers which
extend to the top floor in any building three or more stories in height shall
have, at the highest point of the stair tower, an approved hatch opening to
the exterior with an appropriate ladder.  The hatch shall be not less than 16
square feet in area, with a minimum dimension of 2 feet (0.61 m).  At least
one stairway shall terminate at a standard door opening leading onto the roof
surface, unless the roof has a slope greater than 4 in 12.


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